"Susan Brown has a great flair for always knowing what looks smart, elegant and easy to wear. From shopping to styling to photo shoots, Susan does it all and makes it look easy. Having worked with Susan on many productions, we can always count on her to deliver the very best her unique sense of style has to offer."
-- Abbe Raven, President and CEO, Arts & Entertainment Television Network

As Director of Production for A&E Newtorks and The History Channel, Susan helped me create wonderful visuals for everyone from Peter Graves to Carnie Wilson. She was the "go to" stylist for special network projects and had impeccable instincts. Whether she was dressing Adam West of Bo Derek, I was always confident that if I was working with Susan, wardrobe would run smoothly and talent would be happy and taken care of. I look forward to all my Susan Brown bookings... secure in the knowledge that she makes all talent look and feel fabulous!"
-- Diane Ferenczi, Moe Green Entertainment (A Creative Group Company)

As a writer, I've always been more comfortable behind my computer, than out in public, but when I have to give a reading, I call Susan. I'm amazed that not only does she find me the exact clothes to wear, but she also gives me the confidence to stand up in front of a crowd and read my work.
-- Patty Dann, author of SWEET & CRAZY, and MERMAIDS, which was made into a movie, starring Cher, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci. Also author of THE BABYBOAT: A MEMOIR OF ADOPTION and THE GOLDFISH WENT ON VACATION: A Memoir of Loss (and Learning to Tell the Truth About It)